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Subsea Back Pressure Regulators

SkoFlo Subsea Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs) are anti-siphoning devices that create back pressure in chemical injection lines to prevent uncontrolled delivery of chemicals into production wells. They are typically installed on subsea chemical injection lines before the injection point into production flow lines. The subsea BPR prevents fluids from draining into injection points in a non-regulated condition when chemical hydrostatic head exceeds injection pressure and the well becomes sub-ambient.

Subsea BPRs regulate inlet pressure when the well pressure falls below the factory set point of the device. It achieves this regulation with a simple debris tolerant mechanical device that does not need power or communication to the SCM.

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Subsea Back Pressure Regulator Valve Product Description  

Subsea BPRs can be installed on subsea trees and manifolds via a standard SkoFlo docking can and receptacle, logic caps and Multi Quick Connect (MQC) plates. Subsea BPR is a self-regulating device activated only when required or needed.

For new fields where well pressure is anticipated to go sub-ambient, Subsea BPRs should be installed for future remediation. The device will remain static until the well pressure drops below the reference pressure in the BPR. For remediation of existing fields where sub-ambient conditions exist, BPRs can be installed subsea without interfacing to the Subsea Control Module.

Model No. LBPR
Description Single flow low flow back pressure regulator
Mountable on MQC Plate Yes
Configuration Horizontal & Vertical with guide ledge
Pre-charge Set Point Pressure (PSI) 1000 and 6,000 with a Cv of .17 at a Max db and sizing of orifice
Pressure Rating (PSI) 10,000

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