Subsea Chemical Injection Systems

Field proven reliability since 2000, with over 800 valves in service.

SkoFlo Subsea Valves are operationally rated to 15,000 psi, ROV installable
and remotely adjustable! With over 800 subsea valves in service, SkoFlo
subsea chemical injection valve systems lead the pack in Field Proven
Reliability since 2000.

Injection Valve Products

"L-Series" Chemical Injection Metering Valves (Low Flow)

  • Flow ranges from a minimum of 0.3 liters per hour to 200 liters per hour (2 gallons per day to 1200 gallons per day.)
  • Turndown ratio (from max flow rate to min flow rate) 250:1

"H-Series" Chemical Injection Metering Valves (High Flow)

  • Flow ranges from a minimum of 17 to 9000 liters per hour (0.07 to 40 gallons/minute).
  • Turndown ratio (from max flow rate to min flow rate) 20:1

"Dual Series" Chemical Injection Metering Valves

  • Meter two chemicals independently at different flow rates from one valve docking canister.
  • Less weight, smaller real estate on the X-Tree or manifold, and reduced cost.

ROV installable and remotely adjustable

Operationally rated to 15,000 psi.

Subsea Filters Not Required

SkoFlo's patented variable orifice design does not require the use of subsea filters.

Low Power Device

SkoFlo Valves draw minimal power. During flow adjustment SkoFlo valves draw 4 watts and only draw 1-2 watts while idling. (Stated power values are per valve core.) Communication interface to the SCM can be Modbus or Canbus
SIIS level 2.

SIIS Compliant

SkoFlo is currently the only supplier of subsea chemical injection valves that has been certified by the SIIS organization to be compliant to the SIIS Level 2 communication protocol.

Failure Mode - Fail As Is Without Drift

SkoFlo Valves will continue to regulate the accurate flow of chemicals at their last set point WITHOUT DRIFT if power or communication is lost to the valve. SkoFlo pressure independent valves will automatically open up to shed debris or to counteract filming in order to maintain precise flow rates, and will continue to maintain these rates independent of upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations even in the power failure mode.

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Subsea Docking

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Pioneering an industry

SkoFlo is the world leader in precision chemical injection systems for the petroleum
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Our chemical injection metering valves (CIMV) were the first in 1988, and today our patented spring-balanced valve technology is still revered as the industry's most accurate.

SkoFlo valves are pressure-independent, delivering constant flow with large changes in pressure drop. This allows one pump to accurately meter chemical to multiple injection points regardless of upstream or downstream pressure fluctuations.

We're ahead of the curve

Every year, we re-invest 20%
of our profits in R&D.
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Chemical injection is all we do, and we are committed to advancing our technology and staying ahead of the field. Our customers rely on us for our technical sophistication and our expertise. They bring their toughest injection challenges to SkoFlo … and we're proud to help solve them.

21 million operating hours and counting...

Our experience and track record speak for themselves.
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SkoFlo has delivered over 20,000 valves since 1988. We are the only company that proves our products by testing them in surface applications before deploying them subsea. The result is that SkoFlo valves have amassed over 21 million continuous operating hours.