SkoFlo Industries is committed to customer satisfaction, striving to be the preferred supplier in the petroleum and water industries.

Who we are

Using our patented pressure independent technology we have taken what we have learned over the past 30 years to develop the highest-quality products, incorporating innovations that have moved forward innovations in chemical injection technology. Our goal is to be the easiest place to do business while maintaining on-time deliveries and doing everything we can to keep our customers’ projects on schedule and on budget.

Executive leadership

In 2023, Tami Hansen joined SkoFlo Industries as CEO, bringing her expertise and experience in product development and sustainable, scalable, solutions to the SkoFlo team.

Tami comes from nearly 20 years at Flow Control and FlowEnergy. Both sister companies use pressure independent control valve technology in the HVAC industry. Tami founded FlowEnergy adding digital optimization through a combination of patented hardware, software, and the cloud. This sustainable solution automates chilled water systems in buildings so operators can proactively manage energy, production, and system efficiency; resulting in ongoing energy savings and significantly reducing operating cost.

Tami is committed to building safe, reliable products that help produce more sustainable infrastructure. Bringing her background of founding and running two solution-based businesses to SkoFlo, as well as her diverse experience in communications and business ventures. Tami has the wide experience to bring these three companies together under one umbrella to help deliver solutions more efficiently to clients worldwide.

Raised in Alaska and the daughter of SkoFlo founder Paul Skoglund, Tami is both passionate and thrilled to be continuing SkoFlo’s reputation for making safe, reliable products that make real world sustainable impact.

Company founder and history

Paul Skoglund started SkoFlo Industries in 1988, and it grew to become a global leader in subsea and surface injection valve technology under his years of leadership. In 2019, he received the University of Washington College of Engineering’s Diamond Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in recognition of his achievements and his innovation in pressure-independent control valves.

Before the development of the SkoFlo valve, chemical injection for the oil and gas industry was accomplished with one pump for each injection point. On the North Slope of Alaska, engineers at Standard Oil looked for an alternative to this expensive approach. Their efforts led to the development of a valve with a spring-balanced piston design that allows one pump to supply multiple wells. The engineers teamed up with Paul and, after refining the design, named it the SkoFlo valve. Since then, SkoFlo has developed more products, including valves designed to take on the challenges of subsea environments.