High-flow Subsea Chemical Injection Metering Valve (CIMV)

Our high-flow subsea chemical injection metering valves (CIMV) feature our industry-leading, pressure-independent technology for stable and accurate chemical injection.


Our high-flow subsea chemical injection metering valves (CIMV) can handle more than 48 U.S. gallons per minute, or 97 U.S. gallons per minute with a dual core, at subsea depths of up to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters). They use the same unique, pressure-independent technology that all of our chemical injection metering valves do.

SkoFlo subsea CIMV models use an innovative pressure-balanced piston design that allows chemicals to be distributed at different injecting points from a common line, reducing the number of umbilicals and the cost to the operator. The spring-balanced piston is more tolerant to debris and fluid filming than a screw driven by a gear motor.

As with all of our valves, our high-flow models maintain injection flow rates regardless of upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations. Upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations create a net force on the piston, which is countered by a spring force to maintain constant flow. This contributes to unmatched flow stability and field-proven reliability. 

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