Low-flow Subsea Chemical Injection Metering Valve (CIMV)

Our low-flow subsea chemical injection metering valves (CIMV) offer high accuracy and stability by using the same pressure-independent and pressure-balanced piston design as all of our metering valves.


Our low-flow subsea chemical injection metering valves (CIMV) provide the same flow regulation and accuracy as our high-flow models thanks to SkoFlo’s proven pressure-independent technology.

Even during the loss of power, our valves continue to regulate flow at the set flow rate, regardless of debris or system pressure fluctuations. The SkoFlo positive displacement flow meter uniquely provides true volumetric flow rate measurements over a wide range of chemicals without needing recalibration.

SkoFlo’s spring-balanced piston design is more tolerant to debris and fluid filming than a throttling stem directly driven by a gear motor. Large-particle debris produces a net force on the piston, and pressure created on the piston surfaces by debris is pushed out through the outlet instantaneously. 

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